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Top 8 Streetwear Trends To Follow This Year

With the fastest-growing fashion industry and cutting-edge designs, street-style fashion is hitting the market this year. However, street style fashion is not the big brand coming up with the latest fashion trends. Instead, it is the fashion that has emerged from the grassroots and is raw and street-ready. As a result, multiple fashion trends emerge yearly, but only a few can hold their place in the emerging market.

Every year is not just the beginning of a new year but the start of a whole new decade of fashion. And the fashion which hits the market and secures its place in the streets will make its way to the top list and eventually to your closet. This blog will look at the top five streetwear trends you can follow to get that chic streetwear look. 

Eight Streetwear Trends You Can’t Miss This Year 

Fashion is emerging and entering a new, unrestricted era. Gone are the days when people used to wear the same style for years. Now people also wish to experiment with their looks to be the next fashionista. Upgrade your wardrobe with these streetwear trends this year. 

  • Bold Graphics 

Big and bold graphics are the new fashion statement these days. T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, long coats, etc., define street fashion, and they are filled with graphics. From showing love to a famous sportsperson or political party to enabling bold texts on apparel, streetwear fashion is filled with experiments. Sometimes graphics do all the talking without making you utter a single word. They are eye-catching, and this is the reason for their popularity in streetwear fashion. 

  • Oversized Hoodies 

Grab an oversized hoodie this year because they are hitting the market and will remain a trendsetter in the coming years. Pair your oversized hoodie with jeans and sneakers to create a street casual look. People who have it knows the real comfort and fun of it. Add at least one oversized hoodie in your wardrobe and walk in style every time you wear it. 

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  • Vivid Colors 

This year, it is time to say goodbye to the solid blacks and classy whites. This is so because color is the key to the streets. Whether it is comfortable hoodies, jeans, dresses, etc., color is the key on the streets. People now love to experiment with colors and with time, these inventions have become so popular that today we enjoy playing with colors. 

  • Wide Pants 

Whether you are from Gen X or Gen Z, it is time to say goodbye to those boring skinny jeans. Uplift your style with the new trending wide pants and add them to your wardrobe. These baggy pants are centuries old, yet they hit the fashion industry with grace. Baggy or wide pants are the most popular streetwear fashion that many love to style. 

  • Playful Prints 

Printed clothes are an emerging trend in the fashion industry, especially when we talk about streetwear fashion. Earlier, it was limited to only the elite groups, but now they have hit the streets and are available to everyone. The silky flowery prints or the messy abstract prints are now the choices for many. It gives a bold and colorful look, and people love to dress up from head to toe in elegant prints. 

  • Comfortable Track Suits 

There are suits, and then there are tracksuits. One is for the workplace, and the other is for everything else. People are forgetting the old suit style and are now fitting themselves in the new comfortable tracksuit style. No matter whether they look oversized or tailored, the motive of tracksuits is to give comfort to the person wearing them. 

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  • Hand-Embroidered Patches

Getting a patch on your garment is nothing new for those born in the 80s. But for today’s generation, patchwork is lit. Different designs can be put on a garment per the choice, including cartoons, images, or bold texts. Hand-embroidered patches are liked by many because it gives that neat effect to your clothing. 

  • Customized Streetwear 

Customization was earlier limited to the chest and back of the garment. But with the emergence of new technologies, customization has become easier and can be done on any part of the garment. From writing the name of your favorite artist on your hoodie to covering all the tracksuits in quirky texts, they have held their place in streetwear fashion. 


Fashion has always started in the streets, and this trend will not go over no matter how big a brand emerges and hits the market. It is just a matter of finding what looks good on you and what doesn’t, no matter where you have brought it. But street fashion understands the requirements of the people and designs streetwear based on those choices and preferences. Fashion is all about taking risks, and you never know which street trend occupies its place in the market. If you are also looking for the latest streetwear, you can look at Stay Solid for the latest streetwear collection. We are a renowned brand in street style fashion wear. Visit the website to explore our collection and know how we work.

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